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Title: Donations
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The Flying Pandas Donation

Anyone who donated to The Flying Pandas does not receive anything related to the games we run. In example you will not receive the harrier for donating because you enjoy our Digital Combat Server. Same thing goes for ArmA 3.
If you would like to receive there items please visit the appropriate website.

If you would still like to donate to The Flying Pandas because you would like to help reduce our costs and you want to help us run longer please visit the link bellow.

This link will redirect you to Nuclear Fallout Servers

If you send a donation to The Flying Pandas, please include you Steam Unique ID (Follow the steps bellow to obtain that) if you would like Donation Rank on the Forums.

When you donate to The Flying Pandas, you are donating directly to maintaining the servers. Nothing that is donated goes toward server the people maintaining the server (Owners, Developers, Administrators, Moderators, or the Panda that we rent from China) All staff members are purely on a volunteer basis.

How to find your Unique ID
  1. Visit https://steamid.io/
  2. Either login with Steam, or search your username
  3. Copy your SteamID64
  4. Paste under steam Unique ID

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