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Ban Appeal Teamplate - SnappierSugar91 - 04-20-2018

  • Only one ban appeal per 3 month period
  • You must follow the template bellow. If something is not applicable put N/A to show you read it

For a faster response
  • Post here
  • Join our TeamSpeak 3 at
  • Ask to speak to a Administrator or Owner
  • Do not ask a Owner or Administrator that is not busy

  • What is your TeamSpeak 3 Username?
  • What is your TeamSpeak 3 Unique ID?
  • Why should we un-ban you?
  • Will you repeat this offense?

How to get your Unique ID:
  1. Launch Teamspeak
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click Idedinties
  4. Copy your Unique ID that you use to connect to our TeamSpeak 3 server